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Prixel Download 100mb

Updated: Mar 11

Prixel Download 100mb -

About This Game Prixel is an old-school pixel style 2d platformer. It's designed with speed-running in mind, but everyone can enjoy it. Complete the level as fast as possible and you will get a reward. Every level has at least one hidden route for the best time. To find them all is a challenge on it's own. Enemies found in dungeons will try to impede your way and kill you with a single strike. Be careful! 6d5b4406ea Title: PrixelGenre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Early AccessDeveloper:GrytisPublisher:IndieRelease Date: 1 Nov, 2018 Prixel Download 100mb This is a really good speedrunning title.First about the normal game as casual game: The movement with the pixel swordman feels pretty good and fast. The game is hard if you play it for the first time. The maps are good designed and you find many new paths. There's a nasty death system in Prixel :) You have three lives, if you die three times you will be reseted one level beffore. The music is good but the sfx will annoy a few people. Speedrunning aspects: I am the first runner for that game, so, first time pathing is fun. The skillcap is not that high like other titles but its high, because the actual game should represent just the first chapter. And there will come more powerups. After a bit of practice you will be able to do the levels without much fails, but one little mistake and you are death, and dying is a big timeloss. The endboss is currently by far the hardest thing in the run. I needed overall 13 hours gametime to do a run with a time of 3:43rta (3:20gt). There are issues in the game, espacially as a runner, (IGT, soundsettings, controlsettings, restarting for new run, little bugs) but its Early Access and the developer will work on it :)I'm looking forward to the release of the finished game!Here is my run, but you should not look this if you want to play the game. (spoiler)https:\/\/\/watch?v=CzBLYRyJOhw


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